Collection: Bulk Freezer Beef

Why buy one individual cut when you can fill your freezer with a variety of cuts!? We are selling a beef animal quartered or halved out. From birth to finish our beef is raised right here in Manchester, MI. Like our dairy animals, we take pride in our animal care. All animals have access to fresh feed and water at any time day or night. As well as a clean place to lie down in a sheltered barn. You can reserve your slot with a down payment, today!

Down payments are as follows, quarters-$100 dollars each, and halves-$200 each. 

Once you reserve a slot, someone from the farm shop will get in touch with you for the next available butcher date. 

Please call or text the farm shop at (734) 330-2635 for more information on pricing. You will be paying us per pound of hanging weight for the meat. The processing facility is paid separately for cutting and wrapping. These prices can fluctuate.